Live Stream of Tactical Philanthropy Forum

The Tactical Philanthropy Forum is completely sold out with a waitlist of 23 people. So we’re pleased to be able to offer a live stream of the event today. Come back here at 7pm pacific time tonight to catch, William Schambra, Paul Shoemaker, Bill Somerville and myself debate the merits, or lack thereof, of Unconstrained Philanthropy. The Forum response has been so strong that we’re planning on making the Forum concept a regular event.

If you have any problem viewing the live stream, you can view it directly by clicking here.

This Tactical Philanthropy Forum will introduce the concept of "Unconstrained Philanthropy." Should donors and funders see their role as one of correcting and optimizing existing social systems, or do they have an opportunity to remake the social fabric? The Forum panel will engage in a robust debate of the appropriate role of donors and foundations in the complex systems of the social sector.

The conversation will examine the practicality of funders striving to fix the root cause of social problems and the trade-offs between focusing on tangible community issues versus tackling systematic interventions. The conversation will center on real-world applications and is designed for a cross-disciplinary audience. Anyone and everyone interested in a new and better social sector are encouraged to participate. Both social sector professionals and individual donors will enjoy the evening’s event. All attendees are asked to follow a strict policy of non-solicitation.


  1. Noah Flower says:

    Sean, I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it tonight. But I’d love to hear the conversation. Do you know if the videostream will be available after the fact as well as real-time?

  2. We’ll be posting an edited video of the event a few weeks from now.