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One Post Challenge Runner Up

I sent FORGE their prize money today. Congratulations once again to them and “a fundraiser”, the author of the winning post of the One Post Challenge. We also have a runner up. Thanks to a $250 prize offer by charity gift card company TisBest, I get to award a prize to the post that I […]

Kjerstin Erickson of FORGE

Who is FORGE, the nonprofit that posted 423 comments to the One Post Challenge winning entry? Well here’s the story as written by FORGE founder and executive director Kjerstin Erickson. By Kjerstin Erickson One week ago Monday, I stumbled across the One Post Challenge after following a few links from the ‘Philanthropy Today’ update that […]

Philanthropy Reading

Google Analytics lets me see a lot about how people interact with Tactical Philanthropy. The number of comments and emails I get is one form of feedback. So is data like the most read posts, the posts that people spent the most time reading, and a number of other metrics. So without passing any judgment […]

And The Winner Is…

Surprise, surprise, the post $500 For Your Nonprofit won, no… absolutely dominated, the One Post Challenge. Regarding whether the post actually furthered the online philanthropy conversation, I will note that a number of people who were drawn to Tactical Philanthropy to vote for their charity stuck around and commented on other posts. Without further ado […]

One Post Challenge Wrap Up

Wow. I am deeply impressed with the people who took the time to participate in the One Post Challenge. Never did I imagine that the result would tally up to 36 entries and over 200 comments (and that excludes the over 400 comments on the $500 For Your Nonprofit! post). You can find all of […]

Why Philanthropy Should Embrace Controversy

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from “a young foundation staffer”. The author is “a recent college graduate who has interned with an operating foundation, a venture fund at a community foundation, and now a family foundation.” By  “a young foundation staffer” The work philanthropists and foundations is inherently controversial. Decisions to grant […]

More on Mergers, Ms. Miller!

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Jean Butzen. Jean runs Mission Plus Strategy consulting, specializing in mergers and alliances in the Chicago area. By Jean Butzen More on Mergers, Ms. Miller! “Let’s go for two, Clara Miller,” I said to myself, paraphrasing the famous words of legendary Cubs first man Ernie Banks. […]

We Gotta Have Scale!

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from “another nonprofit professional”: “I’m a long-time nonprofit professional (think its a decade now), based in Washington DC, who dances between domestic and international programs.  I focus on economic development empowered by technology and have a serious alergic reaction to trumped up claims of impact, even though […]

Not Just “Grant” Making

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Amy Sample Ward. Amy is a Communications and Learning Associate at the Meyer Memorial Trust. She authors MMT’s New Media Blog as well as a personal blog devoted to nonprofit technology. By Amy Sample Ward As the holiday season is now in full swing and many […]

Volunteers Who Do Not Show

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Chrissy Weeks. Chrissy is a paralegal at the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (“AVLF”) and President of the Georgia Association of Paralegals. By Chrissy Weeks “The world is run by those who show up!” This is not my quote I got it from somewhere and have to admit I […]