Generocity Magazine

I attended the launch party for Generocity Magazine last night. Their tag line is Passion With Purpose. Julia Moulden has been talking about the explosion of philanthropic media coverage from both existing outlets as well as new ones. Generocity is focusing on “emerging philanthropists” who want to be part of the “lifestyle of giving”. I like the idea that giving is not just a one-off event in your life, but for many people is actually central to how they perceive themselves. Are the New Radicals forging a Lifestyle of Giving?

In addition to Generocity, Benefit Magazine has launched in San Francisco and Giving is scheduled to launch next year in New York. Julia mentions other new media outlets here.


  1. Another new magazine — great news! Thanks for telling us about it, Sean.

  2. Oops! Make that three new magazines — and surely more to come!