Generocity Magazine

Generocity Magazine has launched their website. I understand the premier issue is in the mail.

Ralph Hyman, who co-founded Benefit Magazine, told me a pretty amazing statistic recently. 154 publications cover the fashion industry, a $30 billion a year business. Donors give $260 billion a year and until recently there were no donor-centered publications. Today we have four (Benefit, Generocity, Good and Contribute). These four publications are pioneers; they’re creating a new category of magazine. They may see each other as competitors today, but the market is so vast and the public so hungry for their content that I think there’s room for all of them (and a lot more to come)


  1. a fundraiser says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to these publications Sean. My boss had the Contribute magazine on his desk the other day… a really good read. I’m going to check out the other ones right now.

  2. As “a fundraiser” you have access to a lot of publications directed at you. But not many directed at your donors. I think that magazines like this help move donors to action. In fact, part of their distribution model is to get nonprofits to give them out to their donors.

  3. a fundraiser says:

    I notice that several of them seem to have a local focus. I wonder if that’s because finding advertisers may difficult. All of the publications geared to fundraisers have a built in list of advertisers by going after all the consultants and other groups that offer business services. Will charities themselves advertise in these publications?

  4. Generocity and Benefit definately have a local focus. However, both want to go national over time.

    Generocity wants to create a national chain of “local” versions. Benefit plans to launch a quarterly national edition. However Giving Magazine, if they launch next year, will have national (or even international) distribution.

    I don’t think that any of them will depend on nonprofits advertising. Instead, they let donors or corporations subsidize nonprofit advertisements. A lot of the ads will be from companies that want to access young, high income, urban people who are interested in giving as well as corporations who want their brand associated with The Lifestyle of Giving.

  5. Sorry, bad link for Giving Magazine! You can find their temporary website here.