Mainstream Media vs. Philanthropy Bloggers

I’ve always though that bloggers’ disdain for the MSM was a bit misplaced. While a few bloggers have broken real news, for the most part bloggers spend a lot of time commenting on the MSM’s reporting.

So, I am heartened to report that philanthropy bloggers seem genuinely excited about the new philanthropy magazines I’ve been writing about. Don’t Tell The Donor contacted me to say he/she (the blog is anonymous) had seen Contribute on the boss’s desk and was going to check out the others I discussed. Paul Botts who authors the Dot-Org blog posted on the subject and a number of other people emailed me their comments.

Personally, I want to do all I can to contribute to the success of these new magazines as well as the other philanthropy media ventures that I’m sure we’ll be seeing soon. I mentioned last week that I taped a segment for Benefit Magazine Radio and I hope that all of us in the Giving Blog community can help get the word out about this emerging media niche.