The Case Foundation

Like many bloggers, I get a fair bit of email from people who want me to profile their website or organization on my blog. Some of it fits into the discussion here and some of it doesn’t. Yesterday The Case Foundation contacted me about their December Spotlight. I have to say, I am really impressed. Someone at the Case Foundation really has their finger on the pulse of philanthropy. A quick perusal of the site brought up links to an interview with Good Magazine founder Ben Goldhirsh, an article about Tracy Gary, a report on the convergence of for profit and nonprofit business models, a discussion of giving circles, coverage of youth and philanthropy, an interview with Jed Emerson, and a piece about how philanthropy is now “chic”.

The Case Foundation has this to say about themselves:

The Case Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Steve Case (of AOL) and his wife Jean.  The foundation is focused on encouraging collaboration, supporting successful leaders and fostering entrepreneurship in the non-profit sector, particularly as those strategies relate to underserved children and families, community development, bridging cultural and religious divides, civic engagement and volunteerism and innovative approaches to health care.