Youth Philanthropy in Action

I read an interesting blog post on the benefits of youth philanthropy recently:

"Addictions, dropout rates, gang violence — we are seldom at a loss for stories of how today’s youth burden society locally and nationally. What is the solution to this upsetting trend? Youth philanthropy."

You can read the rest here.

The post also pointed out the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana, which hosts a great website with the tagline “Growing Lifelong Philanthropists”.

I’m seeing more and more nonprofits, foundations and governmental entities encouraging philanthropy among young people. What a great trend. Initiatives like these are building the future of The Second Great Wave of Philanthropy.

One Comment

  1. I am a high school senior and an Executive Director of a student led grant making organization called the SHAPEfund.

    The fund awards grants to exceptional New York City non-profit organizations. In addition, the SHAPEfund serves as an innovative tool to educate the next generation of young people and to ensure a place for young people in the philanthropic world. Operating within the five boroughs of New York City, the SHAPEfund provides economic assistance to organizations that serves youth (0-18 years). The SHAPEfund helps to enrich and improve children’s lives by funding initiatives that provide direct services in the following six issue areas: Education; Health and Safety; Economic Empowerment; Leadership; Arts and Culture, and the Environment. As a student-led and operated organization, the SHAPEfund seeks to create a better New York City by empowering its youth through philanthropy.

    Unlike other youth grantmaking organizations, we are entirely student led and run. That means no full time employees and minimum adult involvement. We’re really unique in what we do.

    For more information and to contact us, see