Philanthropic Planning on $10 a Week

Many of my readers are interested in philanthropy, but don’t have the resources to implement some of the tactics I discuss. I may celebrate that starting a private foundation only takes $250,000 instead of the $3-5 million that most people assume, but a cool quarter million isn’t exactly chump change.

So today, I am happy to announce a collaboration with the excellent blog Dollar Philanthropy. Written by Carol Kirshner, Dollar Philanthropy proclaims:

"Not every person has Warren Buffett’s 37 Billion Dollars to donate to a good cause. However, each of us can donate a buck (which is way less than that fancy coffee you get every morning) and make a difference. Together, all donating a dollar, we can make a huge difference."

Carol contacted me recently to ask that I guest blog for her. To that end, I wrote “Philanthropic Planning on $10 a Week”. Check it out and read the rest of Carol’s blog as well.

Phil at Gift Hub has been talking a lot about the need for Giving Blogs to create a conversation. One of the nice things about guest blogging is it gives the author the opportunity to write about something slightly outside of their normal niche and/or through a different lens. I had another blog contact me recently about guest blogging and I am interested in hosting some guest bloggers here at Tactical Philanthropy as well. Let’s see how we can "create a conversation".


  1. Is it tactical or strategic? Does it even matter? Do you even care?

    Philanthropy begins inside each of us at different times for different reasons.

    Do you think philanthropic travel could be a meaningful alternative to checkbook charity?

    Do you think building bridges of understanding and heart to heart personal relationships could strengthen the prospects for peace in the future?


  2. Dan Bassill says:

    I’ve been part of a Non-profit blog exchange several times over the past two years. You can read about the current exchange at

    I host a tutor/mentor conference in Chicago every May and November and would like to find funders who give to youth organizations, turoring and/or mentoring, who’d do a blog exchange during that period, connecting with each other, and/or with youth organizations who seek their funding.

    Would you be interested in helping to organize this?

  3. David, thanks for stopping by. I think there is a very important distinction between philanthropic strategy and tactics. You can read my post on the subject from last November here.

    I think what you are doing with philanthropy and travel is very interesting. I do not think it can be seen as an “alternative” to funding nonprofits with monetary grants, but I think that helping people integrate philanthropy into their “lifestyle” is very important. Philanthropy is fun and your service looks like it can help people grasp that.

  4. Tom Williams says:

    Dollar philanthropy? Seems like someone is paying a little homage to the $5 Philanthropist 😉

    Nice to see others advocating what GiveMeaning has believed and been practicing for two years now.