The Giving Carnival Wrap-Up

Well, that was quite a success. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Carnival and all the readers who took the time to read the multiple points of view. Given the ease of creating the Carnival and the fact that bloggers can submit previously written posts and not write something brand new unless they want to, I’m going to make the carnival a bi-weekly event appearing every other Wednesday.

Allison Fine referred to the Carnival as an “organized swarm” (which I quite liked). With the idea that this event will be lightly contained chaos, I am going to host the next two events and then release the carnival to other Giving Blogs who want to host an edition or two.

The next Carnival will be held on Wednesday February 7 and I’ll announce the topic on Wednesday January 31.

If you are just catching up, make sure you go back and read all the great posts from yesterday.