Getting Xigi With It is pretty cool. Not only are they mapping the emerging philanthropic capital markets, but they are on their way to becoming the first stop for anyone who wants to understand who is involved in the new philanthropic landscape.

I got this email from the founders this week and encourage you to check them out listen to their conference call this Friday:

What is xigi? It’s a global landscaping tool for an emerging market that invests in social enterprise, microfinance, community development, fair trade — the myriad of social purpose activities. You can add yourself and your organizations into the growing map!

Camp onto a conference call to learn more. The next one is:
THIS FRIDAY at 9 PST/12 EST, FEB 16TH, 641-297-5900 – Code 94110#

We’re inviting a few hundred people from 36 countries to come post comments, enter data about themselves and see the map of the social capital market begin to emerge from our collective intelligence. What you should do first:

Go to:
Simply enter your name and email, and a password will be sent to you. This will allow you to post both to the “blog” and edit to the database.

ACTION ITEM #2 – PUT YOURSELF ON THE MAP Search under people, see if you’re in there. If you are, feel free to edit yourself. If not, click “New Person.” As you’re putting some info about yourself, add “Related Entities” to your profile at the bottom. See if your organization is there already. If not, simply put in your entity’s name and pick your relationship to it (then after, you can pull up this new entity and fill in its information and its organizational relationships). Then hit “Network Map” to see how you show up.

So, you’re invited to put yourself on the map, make connections to others, talk about what you’re doing! Questions, comments, ideas? Email

Best Regards from the xigi Steering Committee,

Mark Beam
Kevin Jones
Sara Olsen
Tim Freundlich

P.S. As always, we extend our thanks to the growing list of visionary funders and partners that are supporting xigi in the early stages: The Lemelson Foundation, RSF, Tangle Capital (a Calvert Giving Fund), Doug and Audrey Miller, Omidyar Network, Good Capital, SVT Group, Collective Intelligence and Calvert Social Investment Foundation (our 501c3 fiscal agent).

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  1. Kevin Jones says:

    Thanks for the great post, Sean. We are geting an incredible amount of momentum and our partnerships with content sites and social networking sites (they get xigi maps on their sites to put their members or people written about in context) is moving ahead well, too.