Giving Carnival Wrap-up

Thanks to all the bloggers and readers that made the Second Edition of the Giving Carnival a success. The one glitch we had was that the Carnival attracted a lot of spam submissions and irrelevant posts. Two great submissions got lost and I added them late. They’re listed below in case you missed them.

Holden at The GiveWell Blog explains why his GiveWell project is proudly not part of the Web 2.0 crowd.

Adrian Melrose weighs in from the UK with the aptly titled “Resources for Donors”.

Because of the spam submissions to the BlogCarnival site I’ve been using to organize The Giving Carnival, I’m going to change the submission process. From now on I will accept emails from other bloggers with links to the posts they want to submit.

Does anyone have any suggestions for future topics, new features or other ways I can improve The Giving Carnival? If so, let me know.