Podcast Feedback

If you have any feedback on my podcast interview with Jed Emerson, please leave a comment or email me. I’m by no means an audio engineer and I’m already identifying a couple of issues (like the sound level not being adequate if the listener’s computer doesn’t have higher-end speakers). If you have any problems at all, let me know so that I can correct them in future interviews.

Because I want to be able to conduct phone interviews (my first three interviewees were located in Colorado, Houston and Boston), I am limited in the degree to which I can control sound quality. However, if anyone has suggestions I am open to comments. Thanks for listening.


  1. Peter Deitz says:

    Hey Sean,

    You might want to look into the Gizmo VoiP telephony service. They offer an internet telephone system that includes a ‘record button’. This means that your phone interviews can be automatically saved to your computer as an audio file (and then converted to Mp3 for the pod-cast). Seems like a pretty good solution for you. I have no connection to Gizmo, aside from being a happy customer. I read your blog regularly for its excellent coverage of the philanthropy world. (I know Britt through NetSquared). Good luck with the new podcast, and let me know if you have any questions getting it setup.
    -peter of
    first-of-its-kind philanthropy network

  2. Thanks Peter. I’ll check out Gizmo. Good luck with FOIK. Let me know when your site is live.