The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

On March 5, The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants and The Giving Carnival join forces!

I started The Giving Carnival after having read The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants (started by Kivi Leroux Miller), for some time. On March 5, the two carnivals will come together to discuss the topic “What donors wish nonprofits knew about them, and vice-versa.”

In The Third Edition of The Giving Carnival, Phil Cubeta recommended the book Largesse, which the publisher says is “an exemplar of the rich intellectual work that can result from crossing disciplinary boundaries”. By drawing submissions from the nonprofit world and the philanthropy industry, we hope to create some “rich intellectual work” of our own. The joint Carnival will be hosted on both Tactical Philanthropy and Donor Power Blog. Please submit your posts or email them to me. The deadline is March 2 at 8pm eastern time.