The Giving Carnival: Edition Three Topic

The next edition of The Giving Carnival will be published on this blog on Wednesday, February 21. The topic is “Philanthropy Book Recommendations”. You can either submit your post here or you can email me a link to your post. Your book recommendations should be relevant to donors or to people who care about the field of philanthropy.


  1. Kevin Jones says:

    I think P.J.O’Rourke’s new book reinterpreting Adam Smith should be on the must read list. I find venture philanthropist types willing to look at their two pocket thinking (investing is one pocket, philanthropy the second and never the twain shall meet) willing to reconsider their resuppositions these days. O’Rourke recaptures some of Smith’s message that got lost beneath market fundamentalism, kind of like the research on cooperation by Darwin got buried by social Darwinists but is now coming to light.