Benefit Magazine Online

Benefit Magazine has a slick new interface on their website where you can read all of the issues of their magazine. They haven’t just posted the stories, they actually have a viewing interface that lets you see the magazine as it appeared in print.

You can read an article called The Next Great Wave that I wrote for them on page 36 of the May/April 2007 issue.

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  1. Holden says:

    Great article. Anyone reading Sean’s blog should read it.

    I hope you’re right that this is the new wave – people actively thinking about their giving, rather than assuming that we’re in good hands with a few super-wealthy people in the twilight of their careers. Baseball analysis is a great example of how opening up a field to anyone who feels like thinking about it has caused huge improvement in the quality of analysis. Figuring out how to solve the world’s problems is more challenging than baseball, and might even be more important … we need everyone working on it.