Philanthropy Blogs Growing Influence

I talked last week about the important turning point in the maturation of the Giving Blog community represented by the Chronicle on Philanthropy’s new Give & Take project. We have a second example of Giving Blogs gaining mainstream credibility; Good Capital’s new website. On the front page of the website, Good Capital links to media sources discussing their company. The three sources are Gift Hub, Tactical Philanthropy and Fast Company. I would guess this is the first time a financial company has highlighted comments from philanthropy bloggers on the front page of their website.

On a similar note, I recently received a phone call from a reporter at the Financial Times, asking about trends in private foundations. The reporter had discovered me via my blog, not through Ensemble Capital.

If you look at the maturation process of blogs covering politics, business, sports, etc, you see that initially the bloggers were doing it part time and that while they had opinions (often well informed opinions), they were not professionals in the topic they covered. Today however, many top bloggers in mature categories work full time and are professionals in their field. I wonder how long it will take for this process to play out with Giving Blogs?


  1. How wonderful it would be if the world embraced and celebrated the value of giving: either finacially or as in-kind support.

    In terms of maturation: I think we have a long way to go. Individualism remains a top priority for the majority while collectivism is almost frowned upon as suspicious and unhelpful.

    I am heartened that so many giving blogs are around, making it a little easier for people to make decisions around why, who and how to give.

    I’ve linked to this article and added you to my blog roll.

    Megan in Australia.

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hey Sean … I just getting into the blogosphere, and as a giver and foundation ED, it felt very lonely until I met up with your space. Thanks for your insights… I will check back often. Mark

  4. Hi Mark and welcome. It is great to see donor/grantmakers like yourself blogging.