Sweeps Week

Well in retrospect, I guess this was Sweeps Week. Tactical Philanthropy will go on autopilot next week while I’m on vacation. Check in while I’m gone to catch up on some sites I’ve been wanting to highlight. When I return we have a lot to tackle.

  • Costs vs. Value of charitable work. What is the cost of doing good? Is the value of doing good assigned by each donor or is there some measurable impact? See some of my comments to check out the heat I’ve been taking on these topics.
  • Are donors to nonprofits “customers” or “owners” or something else entirely? Lots of differing opinions out there. Can we bend social good projects to fit into existing models or must fully new models be built?
  • Can for profit business actually produce net positive social change? Or is all the hype around social enterprise just excitement from the for profit sector about a new way to make a buck?

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog, subscribing to my feed, digging my posts, linking to me, listening to my podcasts and most of all posting their own thoughts and building the conversation. We have a lot to debate, a lot to hash out and a lot of progress to make.

I can’t wait to get back…