The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Give & Take

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has started a new project call Give & Take, which has the potential to radically change the Giving Blog landscape.

The growing number of Web logs that focus on the nonprofit world often makes it difficult to keep up with the items of greatest interest.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s Give and Take column seeks to highlight the most notable and provocative online postings — and keep you up to date on the most important and intriguing observations about the nonprofit world.

You can read the whole description here.

The important mechanism here is Give & Take’s ability to channel The Chronicle’s large readership to the blogs they highlight. My post on Social Media Tools for Philanthropy was one of the first posts highlighted. On that first day I received more than four times the number of incoming readers from Give & Take then I have ever received from my blog being highlighted on another Giving Blog. In each of the five days since they highlighted my post, Give & Take has been my number one source of incoming readers. Give & Take is brand new, once awareness of the project spreads I expect the flow of readers to increase considerably.

Who is Give & Take going to be interested in spotlighting? What kinds of posts are they looking for? Suddenly, the lens that the Chronicle of Philanthropy looks at the world of Giving through is going to greatly affect the readership of Giving Blogs. Just as private foundations and public charities have been undergoing a process of “professionalizing”, I think we’re on the verge of the “professionalization” of the Giving Blog community.