The Giving Carnival: Special Edition

This special edition of The Giving Carnival is being jointly hosted by the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants over at Donor Power Blog. Our shared topic is “What donors wish nonprofits knew about them, and vice-versa.”

Jeff Brooks, of Donor Power Blog, explains that just like in a marriage, nonprofits need to know what their partners/donors wish they knew about them.

Holden, of GiveWell, says that “the customer is always right” does NOT apply to donors and explains what he (a donor) wants nonprofits to know about him.

Kivi Leroux Miller, of Nonprofit Communications, takes a nonprofit to task for sloppy writing.

I chime in with an essay scolding venture philanthropist, micro lenders and technology CEOs for thinking that nonprofits should behave like for profit businesses.

Tom Belford, of The Agitator, tells us that donors can be wrong, abusive, over-demanding and distracting.

Matthew Monberg, of Beyond Giving, reminds nonprofits that donors are real people with crazy mothers-in-law.

Don’t Tell the Donor, points out the troubling fact that donors don’t necessarily even remember giving to your nonprofit.

Adrian Melrose, of Giving Matters, ruminates on Donors’ Desires.

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  1. Lovely, thank you. Will read all the posts throughout the day.

    Megan from Australia

  2. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.