2007COF Tag

At the suggestion of Beth Kanter, I’m initiating the tag 2007COF for all 2007 Council on Foundations conference information. Bloggers can tag their posts with 2007COF and then by searching Technorati for this tag, readers will find all related posts. You can also use this tag in del.icio.us or subscribe to the tag to see all tagged information.

The philanthropy blogging community isn’t quite as tech savvy as Beth’s nptech community. But let’s give this a shot. If you don’t know what a tag is or want some further info on how the 2007COF tag works, drop me a comment or an email.


  1. Beth Kanter says:

    So, it’s a lack of techical savvy, not a way to control the messaging that may be critical?

  2. Beth Kanter says:

    oh and here’s a primer screencast on tagging ..
    gives a basic overview, not technical