Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

I’ve been writing about the cross-disciplinary approach to understand philanthropy that is demonstrated in the new book Mapping the New World of American Philanthropy as well as in the evolving discussion taking place among the Philanthropy Blogs. I’d like to share a quote with you that really resonates with me:

“I have always felt that the action most worth watching is not at the center of things but where edges meet. I like shorelines, weather fronts, international borders. There are interesting frictions and incongruities in those places.”

Anne Fadiman
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

(Hat tip to my father Don Stannard-Friel, the author of the book City Baby and Star, in which I found Anne Fadiman’s quote.)


  1. Gayle says:

    Hi Sean,

    Yes! I’ve always thought that all meaning comes from that which lies between — between objects, between people and between cultures.

    Used to be an Arts Curator many years ago. Never was that concerned with individual pieces or performers, but rather the discussion that developed between them in exhibition.

    So it was always the thematic questions that I always found the more interesting territory to explore. Sounds like that is what this new anthology does as well. Will have to pick me up a copy!

    Fundraising for Nonprofits

  2. For me, I find the space between investment management and philanthropy to be incredibly fascinating. Too often people want to put everything in a box and so they miss the opportunities that exist between sphere’s.

    Hope you like the book!