Permission to Blog?

The nptech roundup refers to the four bloggers who have been issued press passes by the Council on Foundations as “invited live bloggers” and asks:

What about other conference attendees who might also be bloggers? How does one track their voice or (is) the COF only letting those four bloggers live blog or are these the only four people who are attending who might be possibly be blogging?

Do you need permission to blog a conference? Of course not. Do you need an invitation to get in the doors of the Council on Foundations conference? Most decidedly yes. See the comment my friend made about the COF being “very, very careful about inviting anyone outside the membership.”

So will anyone else be blogging the conference? Are there any invited members who blog? Well, well, turns out Albert Ruesga will be there. I hope he joins the fray!

Is there anyone else out there who will be attending the conference and who writes a blog? If so, let me know.

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  1. Beth Kanter says:

    And now there are 5!