Council on Foundations Conference Video

I’m swamped today. Just enough time for two quick thoughts:

  1. Video from the Council on Foundations conference is now available. None of the actual sessions are included, but the video does include well received speeches by Melinda Gates and Mark Warner.
  2. I had coffee with Jeff Brooks of Donor Power Blog while I was in Seattle. So I can answer the question on everyone’s minds. Yes, the caricature of Jeff from the masthead of his blog does look exactly like him. I’d never met him before but spotted him from the top of an escalator and knew without a doubt that it was him.


  1. M says:

    Thanks for the heads up – I was hoping they would put up Geoffery Canada’s remarks. Now that they have, if I ever find time, I will trow a link up on my blog. My foundation funded Harlem Children’s Zone in the past and I think my coworkers would be interested in hearing it.

  2. Jeff Brooks says:

    Don’t believe him! I don’t look ANYTHING like that!