Lucy Bernholz

With 12 Council on Foundation conferences under her belt, Lucy Bernholz reflects on this year’s conference:

The 2007 Council on Foundations Conference made some significant changes to its structure, but its pretty much “inside-the-beltway” kind of stuff, probably not of much interest to those outside the conference… But I have seen a few things of potential interest on a broader scale.

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Lucy also attended the Philanthropic Fault Line session that I was interested in but could not attend:

Can we facilitate the discussion, informed by thoughtful provocation, open to anyone with an opinion, and moderated over time toward actual strategies for change? We’re not making any progress in the old manner of small, closed conversations that devolve into kvetching. Perhaps we can enhance the thought and practice by bringing video, blogs, written materials, comments, panel discussions and specific proposals for change to these issues – and shining some light on these closed door, “same old, same old” topics.

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