Reviving the Giving Carnival

When I started the Giving Carnival, the intention was to facilitate discussion between philanthropy bloggers. It seemed to work rather well, but I quickly realized that the discussion was too much of a closed loop. I’ve written at length about my interest (obsession?) with cross-disciplinary conversations and approaches to solving problems. So I stopped producing the Giving Carnival and thought about how I might open the discussion to include non-bloggers and even non-blog readers (hat tip to Phil Cubeta for his suggestion that is at the root of the new format).

Today I’m happy to announce that I am merging the Tactical Philanthropy Podcast and the Giving Carnival (with a hat tip to Jesse and Anand of Innovatorz for getting me to think about how to make it easy for non-tech geeks to use social media tools). Tomorrow’s interview is with Paul Shoemaker of Social Venture Partners. Paul has agreed to respond to comments/questions from readers/listeners. Simply drop a comment or email me your thoughts. Soon I’m going to require interviewees to agree to this format. I’ll be announcing upcoming guests and asking for readers to submit questions they’d like me to ask. If you have guests you’d like to hear from, let me know.