Blogs as a Social Publishing Tool

Hat tip to Lucy Bernholz for pointing us to the article, “Is Blogging Dead”. The article is a great primer for any foundation thinking about starting a blog.

… I think comments are vitally important to a blog. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret – right now increasing the comments and discussions on R/WW is my number 1 priority. The reason why is because blogs are at heart a social medium. Blogs are a publishing platform, sure, but they are a social publishing platform.

…the best blogs… have become platforms where discussions bloom. These are blogs where the writers actually write for their readers, and not just to get page views.

… Admittedly it’s hard to get discussions going on a blog, but the blogs that at least attempt it and actually write for their readers — these blogs are the most compelling in my view.

Read the whole article here.