Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Katya Andresen’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog is hosting the current Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants (which is the inspiration behind The Giving Carnival, currently accepting submissions on GiveWell). Katya decided to have a little fun this week:

I invited savvy bloggers to submit their “top five” lists.  Top five wisecracks, top five wise insights, top five anything—and I offered lavish praise to those creative enough to somehow work into their posts the words “bikini,” “martini” or “Fellini.”

The response was amazing – this is great big, “fabulous five” carnival that I hope you will enjoy.  And if you find this list very long – or are overwhelmed just keeping up with the field – start with Sean of Tactical Philanthropy’s great Top Five Ways to Know Everything about Philanthropy.

I especially liked Britt Bravo’s Top Five Things to Ask When Your Nonprofit Wants to Start a Community (which applies well to foundations that are exploring social media tools and public engagement).

After you read through the Carnival, head on over to GiveWell and submit your answer to the question: What charitable cause are you personally most passionate about?