Google Foundation Blog

Well about an hour ago, I was on the phone with someone from a large foundation’s communications department who wanted my advice on the pros and cons of them starting a blog. At just about the same time, was writing the first post for their new blog. If there is any foundation that should know how to best utilize a blog to further their mission it’s Google. After all, Google the company owns Blogger.

I told the foundation communications employee that the Council on Foundation’s decision to invite bloggers to their conference and the Chronicle on Philanthropy’s launch of Give & Take were important markers in the development of philanthropy blogging. Today we just got another one.

And yes, I’ve added the blog to my daily read.


  1. Beth Kanter says:

    Thanks for the pointer! I just blogged it!

  2. Google and that nameless foundation probably felt they had to fill in the void you caused when you went away for your vacation. Welcome back, and thanks for the news. I hadn’t heard about Google before you pointed it out.

  3. Sean thanks for the pointer. We read your blog all the time. In Maine and hadn’t read about google.