You may have noticed the big step up of quality in the last Podcast. We have Innovatorz to thank for that.

Innovatorz is a micro television and radio network that follows the ongoing stories of social innovators. These are among the most exciting and inspiring stories in the world. We strive to make online storytelling dead simple for time constrained leaders. We work on three areas: content production, technology platform, content distribution.

Dead simple is right. The whole process of creating the James Canales Podcast from my end was simply calling a conference call number, talking with Jim and hanging up. Later Innovatorz emailed me the transcript and pointed me to the edited Podcast file they had posted.

I’m not a technology expert in the least. But I see clearly that social media tools and philanthropy is a perfect match. Pretty soon, foundations that want to share the knowledge they have with the public at large are going to figure out that these tools make the process incredibly cheap and easy. Some of these foundations are going to develop their own technology expertise, but many will find that by using the “assisted storytelling” process offered by a group like Innovatorz, they can focus on the content and essentially ignore the technology. That’s what I’ve found.


  1. Holden says:

    Sean, did you pay for this service?

  2. Yes. I’m a regular paying customer. I’ve written in the past that I served as a business mentor to Innovatorz during the NetSquared conference (CompuMentor assigned them to me). I think they provide a great service that can help the (mostly) offline philanthropic community embrace social media tools.