Social Finance Careers

The Forex Blog brings us a really nice intro to careers in social finance. If you’re a Tactical Philanthropy reader who is in college or thinking about moving into social finance, this article is a great primer:

If you’re interested in a financial career, you might be curious about how your interests can lead to reconciliation between your job and your belief system. Social finance might open the door to several solutions for your dilemma. While social financing might seem new, it’s been around since the first individual took a stand against profit at any cost…

… No matter your direction once you get your feet wet in this field, you may learn that financial opportunities don’t always lead to gluttony, lust, and depravity. Nor will they all lead to living without the needs vital to survival. Whether you lean toward nonprofit or for-profit careers in social financing, you can find an area that needs your support and interest. You may find that your new career will help you "do good" and do well.

Read the whole article here.