I want to thank everyone who has been participating in these last two conversations with William Schambra and James Canales (but we’re not done talking with Jim, so keep your questions/comments coming!). From the beginning, I’ve wanted this blog to be a conversation hub, rather than just my personal soapbox. Recently, a number of people have noted the “lively conversation” on this blog. That’s the best compliment I could receive. These are the people who have been responsible for driving the “liveliness” of the conversation over the last few weeks, on this blog and their own (this is not an exhaustive list; the occasional commenters also deserve a big thank you):

And of course, thanks go to William Schambra and James Canales for braving the blogosphere and to Stephanie Strom of the New York Times for highlighting our conversation.


  1. Holden says:

    bUM fREE is pissed off right now. (Unless he’s Phil.)

  2. bUM fREE HAS been an important part of the conversation. But if I thanked him, I’d have to gamble on which other imaginary friends are actually real. “M” and “a fundraiser” have given us a lot of context for who they are and what their interests are. I really appreciate bUM fREE’s contribution, I’m just not sure if he/she exists!

  3. Beth Kanter says:

    Hi Sean,

    Keep up the ramble rousing!