Michael Vitali, a professional writer (who, in the interest of full disclosure, has written copy for Ensemble Capital, the company of which I am a principal), has more thoughts on the reframing of the word nonprofit:

What we call it influences what we do by casting a different kind of light on it. That light colors the reactions of those we are trying to affect or attract. Framing and reframing are often used to sway opinion in desired directions. Thus, "death tax" as a negative reframing of "estate tax." Obviously, action is more important than labeling. But what to call an endeavor is still quite important, particularly in a world where human attention is ever more at a premium.

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  1. Phil says:

    Right. Dollars in and results out. Whether it be products, services, elections, or public policies. Marketing is an investment, not a cost. For every dollar spent marketing “death tax repeal” funders can save millions. We call this political return on investment.