The Giving Carnival: Fundraising for Nonprofits

Gayle Roberts will be hosting the next Giving Carnival on her blog Fundraising for Nonprofits:

I’ll be featuring a collection of links to all submitted blog posts and comments on the topic of “Predicting the Future of Fundraising.”

Building off one of this blog’s most popular past articles, I invite you to take a trip with me 10 years into the future. How will the fundraising profession look like a decade from now? How have some of today’s biggest trends such as Internet technology, social entrepreneurialism and globalization changed our jobs? From the tax code to global warming, how has the environment in which we operate changed? Has the much predicted pending leadership crisis occurred, and if so, what has been the impact?

She gives directions for participants in her announcement. The deadline is September 4. Unlike most blog carnivals, you don’t need your own blog to participate in the Giving Carnival. You can always submit your thoughts in the comments section of each carnival announcement.

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  1. And big thanks to you Sean for being the Ringmaster of the Giving Carnival!