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Thanks for stopping by! Tactical Philanthropy is the personal blog of Sean Stannard-Stockton. Sean is a principal and director of tactical philanthropy at Ensemble Capital Management. Ensemble Capital provides clients traditional investment management and philanthropic planning. Since the blog’s founding in October of 2006, Tactical Philanthropy has become a leading voice in the online philanthropy conversation and a hub for people from donors to foundation executives to nonprofit employees to share their point of view.

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  • Check out the Tactical Philanthropy Podcasts. Once or twice a month the Tactical Philanthropy Podcast features interviews with movers and shakers in the philanthropy sector. Past guests have included Stacy Palmer, the editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Paul Shoemaker, the executive director of Social Venture Partners and James Canales, the CEO of the Irvine Foundation. Keeping with the goal of cultivating a conversation, all podcast guests spend a couple days after their interview is released answering questions and comments from readers.
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