Cheryl Dahle Background

On Monday, I’ll be posting a podcast with Cheryl Dahle. Cheryl is the creator of Fast Company Magazine’s Social Capitalist Awards. Most recently, she has been involved with the launch of social enterprise Blue Egg. Blue Egg provides information and practical solutions to help people become more mindful of the environment. Cheryl is also the founder of the Independent Journalists Collective, a non-profit project that aims to provoke more coverage of social change in the mainstream media.

You can read more about Cheryl at the links below. If you have a contribution to make, please leave it in the comments section.

Cheryl’s introduction to the 2007 Social Capitalist Awards

The Fast Company Homepage for the Social Capitalist Awards

Links to a bunch of articles written by Cheryl

A conversation on Social Edge about telling the stories of social entrepreneurs, hosted by Cheryl