Community Foundations & the Morphing Media

So today, I’m speaking at the Council on Foundations Community Foundation Conference. I’m on the panel for the session titled The Morphing Media: Why We No Longer “Read All About It”. CoF had an identical session at their private foundation conference in Seattle, which I attended and blogged about here and here.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to say. My status as a “media expert” is a little bit suspect. My real expertise is in the financial aspects of philanthropy. But I write a successful blog and do things like produce podcasts so I guess I’ve begun to have some knowledge about media, at least as it relates to philanthropy.

I’m pretty excited about the session. I have a lot to say on the topic at hand and I look forward to the discussion. But today I looked at the list of my fellow panelist… hmm I wonder who Neil Budde is? So I did a little research:

As Yahoo!’s director of news Budde oversees Yahoo!’s news initiatives, including the operations of Yahoo! News, and is responsible for ensuring that Yahoo! delivers the most timely and comprehensive news offerings online or offline.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, Budde spent more than 25 years working for newspapers and online publishers. As the founding editor and publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online, the largest paid news site on the Internet, Budde directed the design, development and evolution of the product from the inception of

Prior to his appointment as founding editor of the online Journal, Budde was deputy editorial director for Dow Jones News/Retrieval, where he oversaw design and development of new information services.

Umm, OK, that’s a media expert. I’ll see what I can add. Maybe I can convince Neil to join me for my presentation on Wednesday to the California Society of Certified Public Accountants about structuring charitable gifts to philanthropic vehicles!