All The Links That Are Fit To Click

The coolest part of the newly redesigned Tactical Philanthropy is nothing that I write. The coolest thing is the new feeds of blog posts, news stories, videos and opinions that reside in the far right column. If you’re reading this in a feedreader or via email, click here to come see the actual site and the new redesign.

In the feeds now:

  • Hacking Philanthropy
  • A podcast about microfinance
  • A brand new philanthropy blog that is pioneering a whole new model for the sector
  • A simple, but breathtakingly effective fundraising video that might make you cry
  • An eBay sponsored microfinance website
  • An article why nonprofits are going to start paying their “volunteers”
  • A great video from the Global Philanthropy Forum with the speaker invoking Martin Luther King
  • A (not quite) magical way to help Delaware
  • Why fantasy sports are going to transform philanthropy
  • The slingshot fund
  • Why Jewish philanthropists are about to change everything
  • A site that let’s you bet on the future and give to charity
  • A new investigative journalism project, being run as a nonprofit
  • A study showing tech companies give more to charity than everyone else
  • An argument that without philanthropy, economic systems would all collapse
  • And an Audacious Idea

I can’t possible write posts about all this stuff, but you can keep up with the cutting edge of philanthropy by staying on top of the new feeds.