Tactical Philanthropy Redesign

I’m in the process of redesigning Tactical Philanthropy. Some of the changes will be cosmetic, some will make navigation easier, but I am also thinking about new features to add.

What would you like to see? Some of the ideas under consideration right now include:

  • Tag streams of interesting news articles, philanthropy research, opinion pieces and websites.
  • An educational database of philanthropic tools.
  • A Tactical Philanthropy Reddit that would allow readers to submit links of interest and have those links rated by other readers (such as the one in place at the blog Joel on Software).
  • A stream of interesting posts from other philanthropy blogs.
  • A “Comment of the Moment” highlighting an interesting reader comment.
  • A Question & Answer widget that would allow readers to submit questions about philanthropic tactics. The goal would be to answer specific questions and create a searchable FAQ database.

What do you think of these ideas? Are there features you see on other blogs that you’d like to see here? Any unique ideas? Leave a comment or send me an email.