The Giving Carnival

The next Giving Carnival will be hosted by Seeking Grant Money Today. The deadline for submission is October 15. Arlene Spencer describes this edition’s topic:

The topic for this Giving Carnival is… Are relationships "everything" in philanthropy, today? Here are some questions to get you thinking: If philanthropic relationships are not everything, what is critical to philanthropy’s modern success? Who do relationships in philanthropy form between today, compared to the past? Where is the innovation, in developing relationships in philanthropy? How do modern relationships in philanthropy begin; and how are they maintained? Who or what do they matter for? What are philanthropic relationships’ effects on the causes they are supposed to serve? Is their oversight of relationships in philanthropy, and if so, what are the checks and balances on them? Are there times that relations should be broken, and if so, in what situations?

You don’t need a blog to be involved! If you don’t have a blog, just post your response to the October 2007 Giving Carnival topic as a "Comment", below, on this blog post; or email me your response at aspencer at thegrantplant dot com, and I’ll post it on the Giving Carnival response post, for you. Otherwise, please blog about whether relationships are "everything" in philanthropy, today, and email me the link to your post. I’ll post your link, along with everyone else’s!

So head on over and give Arlene you submission.