The New Tactical Philanthropy

Welcome to the new Tactical Philanthropy. I’ve got a couple new features I’d like to point out to you.

  • Check out the “Blog Posts I’m Reading Right Now” list in the far right column. These are individual blog posts that I’ve found interesting and that I think you should check out. I’m not able to write my own post about everything I find interesting, so this is a way for me to highlight some interesting reads.
  • You might also be interested in the “The Best of the Philanthropic Web” list further down the right hand column. These are philanthropy related websites, news stories, opinion items, research, videos, etc that  I’ve come across that I think you might be interested in. Some of these are the basis for posts I write and others are items that are worth a look even if they don’t make it into the conversation here.

Do you have something that you think should be included in either list? Send me an email and let me know. I won’t promise to add everything (these lists are all about trying to separate the signal from the noise), but I’d love to take a look.