$500 For Your Nonprofit!

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from the anonymous fundraiser who runs the blog Don’t Tell The Donor. If you’ve been forwarded this post, I vouch for the fact that the $500 is real and will be given to the winner. You can read about the details of this contest here. I would like to note that the winner is the post with the largest number of people posting a comment, not the most comments. So no need to post multiple comments from the same person.

By “a fundraiser”

I’m the anonymous fundraiser who runs the blog DontTellTheDonor.org and I am thrilled to be published on Tactical Philanthropy as part of Sean’s One-Post Challenge. I have also noticed the same tendency Sean cites that if we can encourage readers to leave just one comment – it can be a springboard for a rapid and engaging discussion.

My blog tries to inject a daily dose of humor into fundraising news stories… sometimes I get my hands on a juicy piece of gossip that makes its way from development office to development office… but my real love is for the profession of fundraising and the opportunity my day job gives me to connect people to the causes they believe in. I love providing opportunities for donors to give.

Therefore, I am going to use Sean’s “One Post Challenge” to demonstrate the power of fundraisers who understand the online world. Blogging is not about talking AT PEOPLE, it’s about making readers part of the story and giving them a reason to be engaged. I am going to attempt to win this first annual one post challenge by turning this contest on it’s very head.

I need your help… and I promise to try and make it worth your time.

The blogger who gets the most comments to their post will win a $500 “Good Card”, the new “gift card” from Network for Good that let’s the receiver make a grant to the nonprofit of their choice.

If I win, I will give the $500 to the charity named by the most people in the comments to this post. For example, if you are reading this post and you want me to give the $500 to your local Habitat for Humanity or your neighbor’s animal rescue – simply post a comment with the name of that charity. I hope to encourage people who love charities to visit this website and leave a comment.

Maybe I’m being conservative, but I think I would need 50 comments on this post in order to win the contest… and there will probably be a dozen different charities with varying level of votes… so, technically a plurality of 10 comments for one non-profit could win your favorite group a $500 donation. It’s that easy.
Forward this post to your friends and co-workers and encourage them to post a comment on my form and you could be a hero for your favorite charity


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