One Post Challenge Outcomes

When this thing comes to a conclusion, we’ll get to look back at what we learned, what we can do better next time and what impact we’ve had.

Impact Item #1: One Post Challenge participant Rich Polt (find his entry here) caught the blogging bug and has signed up as a regular guest contributor to PhilanTopic, one of my favorite philanthropy blogs. You can catch Rich’s first post here:

Rich begins his post: “I am incredibly conflicted about Second Life.”

One Comment

  1. Rich Polt says:

    Thanks for the shout out Sean, although I’m not sure I would say I have the “bug” just yet. If anything, the One Post Challenge — combined with the tumbleweed which my post elicited — has shown me that I have plenty to learn about effectively using the medium.

    I’m looking at my posts on Philantopic as an opportunity to generate chatter about “communications” in the philanthropy world, while learning A LOT more about what makes for good blogging in general. I’m sure I’ll post plenty of duds along the way. But like in golf… it’s that one great shot in one hundred that keeps you coming back for more.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.