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Lauren Foster is my editor at the Financial Times (I write a monthly column about philanthropy for her). I think that Lauren is building the philanthropic coverage at the Financial Times to a level that is going to make it a must read paper for the philanthropic field. Check out their recent Global Philanthropy special to see what I mean.

Now Lauren is doing something new. Something I think is really important. I’m proud to say that the One Post Challenge had an influence on how Lauren decided to frame her now project. Thanks to all of you that worked so hard to make the OPC a success. I encourage you to forward Lauren’s invitation to anyone you know who might want to submit something, or better yet submit something yourself!

The Financial Times is inviting submissions for thoughtful, illuminating commentary from philanthropic leaders. The bylined contributions should not only express the views of the author but also seek to provoke conversation. Email a one paragraph proposal to Suitable ideas will be commissioned at +/- 850 words for publication in the Weekend FT’s “Wealth at the Weekend” page (published length may vary). The FT’s Wealth page will regularly feature opinion pieces by esteemed guest writers – be they from private foundations, public charities, non-profits or advisories – in an effort to create a forum that fosters debate and encourages the dissemination of information and ideas.


  1. Maya Norton says:

    Great opportunity. Thanks for letting us know, Sean. I’ll be spreading the word.


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  2. Hi Sean,
    A holiday present for all of us toiling hard to help promote greater understand of philanthropy and its value and impact. Bravo for leading the way and helping FT see the value of doing this as well.