One Post Challenge Wrap Up


I am deeply impressed with the people who took the time to participate in the One Post Challenge. Never did I imagine that the result would tally up to 36 entries and over 200 comments (and that excludes the over 400 comments on the $500 For Your Nonprofit! post).

You can find all of the entries under the heading One Post Challenge Entries in the middle column. The contest officially ends tomorrow at midnight (new entries are not being accepted, but comments will still be counted until the deadline).

Clearly though, what happened here goes far beyond the contest. Entries came from all over and covered a huge range of topics. Time and again people entering their post told me, “I’ve wanted to say this for a long time, but I haven’t had a venue. Thanks for hosting this.” I was particularly impressed with the number of foundation employees who entered posts and the foundations themselves who approved of their employees blogging.

Some people have complained that the post by the author of Don’t Tell The Donor “hijacked” the competition. Personally, I think the issue is kind of beside the point at this point. However, I think the $500 For Your Nonprofit post highlighted the fact that people who know how to spread ideas online are poised to win the public mindshare. Writing smart content is not going to change the world, you have to know how to make your message spread.

I enjoyed the One Post Challenge far too much to end it now. So I’m going to officially make posting guest blog entries part of Tactical Philanthropy. I’ll post more info about this later, but if you have something you’d like to share, keep the entries coming.

Now even though the $500 For Your Nonprofit post is, short of a miracle, going to win the contest, there is still a $250 charitable gift card waiting to be awarded to another post (click here for details). So my question to you is which entry should win this runner-up prize? Leave a comment on this post and on Wednesday, I’ll announce the winner.


  1. Maya Norton says:

    Great job, Sean. I’m so glad to have witnessed the power of the blogosphere as an conduit for conversation and an agent for action (that I know will result).

    Hope you consider trying it again after a time.


    The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

  2. Gates Keeper says:


    Give the prize money away to your favourite organisation and tell us why you chose them.

    Thanks for the One Post Challenge,


  3. Sean,

    This has been a very successful experiment. My $.02 is that you should give the runner-up prize to the entry or entries that best embody what you were trying to accomplish with this challenge.