Tactical Philanthropy Job Board

One of the things I love about writing Tactical Philanthropy is that so many of my readers are involved with really cool, innovative philanthropic or nonprofit projects. Over the last month, I’ve started getting a number of requests to post job descriptions for my readers’ organizations.

So today, I’m launching the Tactical Philanthropy job board with the hope of connecting my highly talented readers with exciting positions at innovative organizations.

I launched the board about 60 minutes ago and there are now two intriguing positions listed.

  • The Knight Foundation is looking for someone who can answer yes to the question, “Do you live and breathe the blogosphere and practically live on the Net?”
  • Charity Navigator is looking for someone to replace Trent Stamp, who retired today.

If you have a job you want to list or you’re looking for a job, check out the job board here or simple click the “Jobs” link at the top of the Tactical Philanthropy banner.