Foundation Job

A new job posting on the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board comes from The James Irvine Foundation.

(24 job applications have been submitted via the job board to the 4 listed jobs since the board was launched on December 20. If you’re an employer looking for all star employees, the Tactical Philanthropy readership is a great pool to draw from)

Position Summary
Reporting to the Director of the California Perspectives program, and working out of the Los Angeles office of The James Irvine Foundation, this Senior Program Officer position is a newly-created position, representing expansion of the California Perspectives program team.

This Senior Program Officer will have responsibility for guiding and managing the California Perspectives program’s initiatives to build organizational capacity and facilitate networking among organizations engaged in community organizing and advocacy efforts. The Senior Program Officer will also have primary responsibility for grantmaking to such organizations in the Central Valley and Inland Empire
(Riverside and San Bernardino counties), which includes working with current grantees in these regions and exploring other organizations that may be a close fit with Irvine’s grantmaking criteria.

The Senior Program Officer represents the Foundation at key events and builds relationships in the fields related to the California Perspectives program area and works with all Foundation staff to advance the mission of the Foundation.

You can see the full posting here.