Seth Godin & Philanthropy

What does Seth Godin, the marketing guru and author of Seth’s Blog have to with philanthropy? In Seth’s words “Ideas that spread win. Period.” I think that understanding how to spread ideas is an important skill for high-impact philanthropists to acquire. I also think the nonprofit world has been quick to recognize the relevance of Seth Godin’s message. See Jeff Brooks, Perla Ni and Holly Ross on the importance of Seth Godin to nonprofits. Recently the CEO of a major foundation told me that foundations must “engage people” in order to do their job well. Godin’s work largely is about how to engage people in a digital world.

So with that context I encourage Tactical Philanthropy readers, especially those involved with the  nptech/NetSquared community to apply for the newest job listing on the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board from Squidoo, Seth’s company:

Software Developer/Features for Squidoo

You’re an expert at client side technologies, and you will handle most of the day-to-day feature development of the site, working with our crack team of designers, sysadmins and editors.

This is a full-time position. Telecommuting is possible, see below.

(which is even more important than what you know)
If you’re looking for a job, look elsewhere.

We want someone who is passionate about the work, about pushing the envelope, about not just the code that gets written, but the way it’s done. The process matters to you, we hope.

This is a very special little company. We are each extraordinarily self-directed and self-motivated. Nobody actually has a direct boss, really. On the other hand, we work extremely well as a team and cede authority to each other with regularity.

We pride ourselves on alacrity, on doing things quickly and well, but not better than the mission requires.

What would you do if the people you work with got out of your way? That’s what we can offer.

You can read the full job description here.