Social Venture Job

The newest job on the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board comes from Criterion Ventures.

Project Manager

Criterion is an innovative firm that incubates and scales ventures that create a better world.

We work with individuals and organizations that have a bold vision for what is possible for the world and partner with them to translate that vision into sustainable ventures.

We bring to these ventures a wealth of connections, nimbleness to navigate complexity, and a deep commitment to social change. More information regarding Criterion and related ventures can be found at

Criterion Ventures is looking for a talented individual to join our team. This individual will be an essential part of the company, playing a vital role in the day to day firm success. He or she will work directly with the firm’s leaders, our partners and our clients, and be in charge of moving specific projects forward. The work will include interactions with leaders in diverse fields, and the need to be constantly thinking about potential connections and strategic opportunities.

Visit the job listing for more details.