“a fundraiser” Writing for the The NonProfit Times

In what I think is a coup for The NonProfit Times, the paper today launched an online column authored by “a fundraiser”, the anonymous author of the blog Don’t Tell The Donor. The paper says they know the identity of the blogger who they say is anonymous, “because the author is well known in the sector and he/she/its bosses wouldn’t be pleased.”

The inaugural column begins:

How would you feel if you discovered that 500 of your donors had created a group on a social networking Web site like Facebook to publicly discuss their experiences donating to your organization?

I suspect some fundraisers would panic with a sense of fear.

You can read the full column here.

You’ll remember that “a fundraiser” won (in a landslide) my One Post Challenge, when he/she figured out a simple, clever way to generate an unbelievable 700 comments on her/his post and inspired refugees in Africa to dance in joy.

Better read that column.