Beth Kanter & Michele Martin

The America’s Giving Challenge Champions have been announced. This experiment/competition to see how web 2.0 tools can be used for fundraising has gotten a ton of national coverage. Here’s the thing: Beth Kanter and Michele Martin won. Beth, who I know from NetSquared events and from her blog, is someone I’ve always thought got web 2.0 and nonprofits better than anyone else. I’ve referred the media to her and called her the Queen of all things web 2.0 on this blog. Michele I only know from her blog, but she clearly knows her stuff.

If you are a nonprofit interested in how to use social media tools to fundraise or advance your mission, there’s no question who you hire. Go to their blogs (Beth’s is here, Michele’s is here), check them out, and hire them.

And if you work at a foundation, you might have noticed that nonprofits are way ahead of grantmakers in learning how to leverage social media tools. They’re generally way ahead of for-profit companies as well. So if you’re a grantmaker, check out Beth and Michele as well. Maybe you can talk them into helping you out.


  1. Thanks for the kudos, Sean–this was definitely a community effort with a lot of people playing a huge part in spreading the word. And it was Beth’s incredible dedication and willingness to experiment with different tactics that really helped push things along.

  2. Congratulations to you and the community that you mobilized!

  3. Beth Kanter says:


    You know the phrase .. “It takes a whole village ..” Well, it takes a whole village to run a successful socially networked fundraising campaign ..